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Enchanted Mountain Shih Tzu


Picture taken June 2010

Beautiful Dobie Marked Blue :)


  Chambrays Pedigree (click here) (best view)

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She is a beautiful Solid True Blue Dobie Marked little girl. Blue Grey eyes and pigment.  She weighs in at about 10.75 lbs stands exactly 9.5" tall and 10 3/4" long.  She has a standard body style, but does have some smaller sizes in pedigree also.  She is our tallest girl, but still  not considered a tall shih tzu (actually just below average for a standard shih tzu).  Her dad is a very cute stocky 7.5 lb solid black boy with silver Dobie markings.  Her mom is a very cute silver and white girl with a small standard body structure. The older Chambray gets the bluer her coat gets.  She has lightened to a beautiful powder blue coat with cream and tan Dobie markings. A color that is not easy to come by.  She has a wavy, extremely soft coat. This girl rates an A++++  for a loving personality. Everything she does, she does in a very soft and delicate manner. She is very proper, LOL.  She really is the BEST!  If I could just clone the softness of her hair and awesome personality into every one of my puppies I would be on cloud nine.  She loves being held. She is an independent little girl , but loves to snuggle. She is a very well behaved girl.  Chambray may carry for liver / Chocolate also. Chambrays first litter produces us a true blue party and deep dark solid black and a black with perfect tuxedo markings (their daddy was a solid milk chocolate liver).  Where hoping for an entire litter of blues next time :)

Mom: Mikko

 Silver and White w/cute little Baby Doll Face

10 lbs


Dad: Ninja

Awesome Black w/Silver Dobie Markings

8 lbs

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