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Enchanted Mountain

Shih Tzu & Imperial Shih Tzu

enchanted mountain shih tzu shih tzu puppies imperial shih tzu puppies

  A breeder of Shih Tzu and Chinese Imperial's.

We have a
high quality in home breeding program, We breed Shih Tzu and Chinese
Imperial's with cute baby doll faces and rare colors. Our goal
is to provide you with a happy, healthy puppy that is raised in a
clean, loving and well adjusted environment.


Shih Tzu puppy

 India (Honey X Rocky girl) 


Our puppies as well as our adults are raised with lots of love and kisses.


If you are looking for a breeder of Shih Tzu puppies and Chinese Imperial puppies with beautiful colors and sweet faces you have come to the right place.  We are located in Northern Utah.

The differences in the Shih Tzu and the Chinese Imperial (Imperial Shih Tzu)

Truly there is very little difference in the two as far as genetic makeup is concerned. If sent to a lab the genetics would show both are Shih Tzu puppies/dogs (according to AKC standards).  The Chinese imperial is simply a smaller sized Shih Tzu.  However over time The Chinese Imperial has started to develop their own look slightly and we believe the Chinese imperials are what the royalty had. They gave the bigger more undesirable Shih Tzu to the commoners and that is where the Shih Tzu originated. But the preferred size of the "Shih Tzu" was much smaller for the Royalty.  Most Chinese Imperial breeders prefer the flatter faces and smaller up-turned noses with nice short legs and bodies. They generally have a smaller and lighter bone structure, however still look and act very much like a Shih Tzu.  Also you tend to see a lot more of the recessive colors in the Chinese Imperials with a lot of Solid colors vs The party look of your standard Shih Tzu.  However both Shih Tzu and Imperial Shih Tzu can be party (two toned) or solid in any color of the rainbow :)  Most of what describes a Shih Tzu will also apply to the Chinese Imperial,  only the Chinese Imperial is in a smaller package.  A true Chinese Imperial will be just as healthy and playful and fun loving as any Standard Shih Tzu.  While it is true that a sickly Shih Tzu can be smaller due to health reasons,  this is not why the Chinese imperial's are small.  You can get an unhealthy Shih Tzu just as easily as you can get an unhealthy Chinese Imperial.  At this time AKC does not recognize the Chinese imperial or the Imperial Shih Tzu as a separate breed. The CID Club of America is working to make them a separate breed and hope to accomplish this with a lot of time, patience and persistence.  The Shih Tzu Club of America simply says they are an undersized Shih Tzu.....which by all intent and purposes is true.....but what is not true is that they are inferior in quality in any way.  I am saddened by the distastefulness of some professional (and non professional) organizations that attempts to put down the Chinese Imperial and their breeders.  All breeds started somewhere and it is dis-heartening to read the myths that are said about the Chinese Imperial.  I absolutely love the Shih Tzu and think they are Beautiful elegant dogs as well as the Chinese Imperial. Both of Which I believe deserves equal respect.  The CID Club of America has now developed their own registry to better the breed and track their progress. All dogs registered with the CIDRA is certified to be under 9 lbs and under 9" tall. As much as they hope to use this tool to one day be a part of the AKC it is also a very respectful way to be better responsible breeders.  Keeping track of your lines is a must in any breed and that is one reason I respect the CID Club as they really make an enormous effort to be responsible and encourage ethical breeding practices.


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Reputable Shih Tzu and Chinese Imperial puppy breeder located in Utah

Shih Tzu and Imperial Shih Tzu puppies

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