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Meet Our Moms & Dads!

Our moms and dads are our pets first and foremost.  My home is their home.  While we are not home or at night they are in their room (yes they have their own room).  They sleep in crates at night or with me. They run free during the day as I have doggy doors in my doggy room and in my kitchen.  I have a large fenced back yard that they run and play in as much as they would like. I like to be upfront and honest about the way we keep and raise our adult dogs as I am proud of the way they are raised and loved.  I welcome any questions you may have as I know this is a valid concern and consideration among puppy buyers. 

I Specialize in Imperial Shih Tzu's as well as Small Standard sizes. All my dogs come from Long lines of Imperials with a mix of Standard sizes as well. I perfer to use small standard or larger imperial for my moms as I feel it is safer for them in delivery. Most of my adults give me a range of tiny imperial babies as well as smaller standard sizes.

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My Boys 

Enchanted Mountains Showa Koi


 Dark Brindle

4 lbs

Mom: Misty (7 lbs)

Dad: Rufus (6 lbs)

Born & raised here at Enchanted Mountain 


He is super short and stocky with a very flat face and nice round head. Throws me super teeny tiny babies up to small standard. very nice structure and super flat face. I absolutly love everything about this tiny little guy!

Enchanted Mountains Rocky Road

(AKA: Rocky)


8 lbs

Rocky has a super nice short and stocky structure with a nice round head. Gives me very nice looking babies in small standard and imperial sizes in the 6-10 lb range ( I have gotten a couple of really tiny ones from him depending on who I have bred him too). Beautiful Chocolate boy!

Enchanted Mountains Vincent Van Gogh
(AKA: Vinny)
10 lbs
mom: Safari 5.5lbs
Dad: Rocky 8 lbs
Born & Raised here at Enchanted Mountain

Vinny is absolutely stunning! Beautiful bright Red/Orange hair and stunning amber eyes. Very nice Structure and super fun playful personality. He is ALL boy (my little lion) He carries for many Imperials as well as small standard sizing.
Enchanted Mountain's Yeti
(AKA: Yeti)
9 lbs

This beautiful boy lives with my mom and is her pride and joy! He is the sweetest thing in the world!  Very short and stocky and throws me very small babies. His babies tend to stop growing at a younger age and stay smaller than expect.
My Girls
Enchanted Mountain Shih Tzus Taj Mahal
(AKA: Indy)
Orange liver

8 lbs
Mom: Honey (7 lbs)
Dad: Rocky (8 lbs)
Born and raised here at Enchanted Mountain
Indie is super short and stocky, amazing structue with nice flat face with upturned nose. Love Love this girl!  Always gives me beautiful puppies!
Shih Tzu
Enchanted Mountains Honeys Black Pearl
(AKA: Olive)
Black & Silver
10 lbs
Mom: Honey (7 lbs)
Dad: Yeti (9 lbs)
Born and raised here at Enchanted Mountain

Olive has a wonderful standard structure with really nice eyes and face. Fun playful personality. Gives me teeny tiny imperial (4-5 lbs), especially when I breed her to Koi,  as well as small standard babies(9-11 lbs)...and everything in between that have very smooshie faces and super short and stocky bodies.  She will primarily be bred to Koi, but I may breed her to Rocky or Vinny as well.
Enchanted Mountains Pixie Dust
(AKA: Pixie)
9 lbs
Mom: Olive (10 lbs)
Dad: Koi (4 lbs)
Born and raised here at Enchanted Mountain
Pixie is a beautiful girl. Very nice structure and super cute round and very flat face with turned up nose. Love this girl!  I will breed her to Vinny, Rocky and possibly Yeti.
Enchanted Mountain Shih Tzu Enchanted Mountains Gypsy Moon
(AKA: Gypsy)
White & Apricot
7 lbs
Mom: Indie (8lbs)
Dad: Yeti (9lbs)
Born and raised here at Enchanted Mountain
Everything about this girl is beautiful right down to her personality! Super short and stocky with a beautiful perfect face. A perfect combination of her mom and dad. I can't wait to see her puppies!! I will be breeding her to Koi or possibly rocky
Enchanted Mountains Asia Rose
(AKA: Asia)
est adult weight 6-8 lbs
Mom: Jasmine (10 lbs from Peacock Shih Tzu)
Dad: Rocky (8 lbs)
Cant wait to see how this sweet pea turns out! She has the cutest petite little face and upturned nose! Lots of Imperial lines.
Imperial Shih Tzu puppy 4 weeks

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