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About Our Puppies!

Our Prices do not include full AKC registration. If you would like AKC registration please let me know at the time of purchase, if AKC registered it will be limited AKC registration as I do not allow breeding rights to pet homes .

If you are interested in full AKC and you run a small, reputable and quality breeding program, please email your resume to enchantedmountain@comcast.net . I will only give breeding rights to breeders I know or have good references on and for an additional charge of $300-$500.

We do not sale our puppies to Brokers, Mills, or Pet Shops under any circumstances! We do investigate all inquiries for full AKC.

Why no breeding rights for your pet?

I get asked this question a lot. There are many reasons why almost all reputable breeders will sale with no breeding rights with pet puppies, which basically means they will have a limited registration with the AKC.   This just insures us that your puppy is truly your pet and is not being used for breeding purposes.  There are three main reasons why I do not sell with breeding rights.

1- I want to make sure she/he goes to a pet home only.  If she/he is worthy of breeding rights then it may be considered to the appropriate breeder that has appropriate breeding experience.

2-There are so many things that can go wrong when a female whelps puppies and I want to make sure if she is bred she is only bred by a very knowledgeable breeder, it is hard to know how much knowledge someone has with breeding especially small dogs. There are many life threatening things that can happen when breeding dogs, not to mention how to revive puppies or recognize when a puppy has problems or when the mom has problems, ect.

3-,  I am not in the business to populate any animal shelters.  If I allow someone to breed that will then allow others to breed irresponsibly, it is a huge chain reaction and I feel very strongly about that.  Most “non-breeders” don’t even think twice about selling without full breeding rights and it causes lots of pups to be sold for below average prices to homes that really can’t afford them or don’t think twice about getting rid of them when they are no longer wanted.

Of course some breeders want to protect their lines as they have worked hard to get those lines to where they want them as far as quality, look and overall health.  Those things don't  come easy or cheap.

Thank  you for understanding :)

Honesty is my best policy

If there is anything that will effect the health of your puppy I will let you know.  For me honesty is the best policy. Every breeder has things that just happen at no fault of their own. See my page of common puppy "flaws"

Alot of people are very specific about the estimated adult weight of their puppy. I do not except deposits until I price them at 4-6 weeks of age as that is the soonest I can make my best guess at estimated adult weight.  I am very upfront and honest about the estimated weight of my puppies and try and keep you informed along the way. I do my very very best at guessing the adult weight, but please keep in mind that I do not have controll over the growth of the puppy and sometimes they do surprise us.

I believe if you buy a puppy over the internet you should know as much about that puppy as you possibly can.  You don't want to get your hopes up about a puppy just to learn it has a "flaw" that you don't want to deal with.

About My Prices

(please read this carefully if you are questioning paying a higher price for a puppy)

  My prices will generally range from $600 to $$1800 for ltd. registration (depending on many factors).  I can not compete with the pricing from just anybody.  I put a lot of time, effort and expense into the care of my adult dogs and puppies, so I can offer you a sound, quality, healthy, well adjusted baby that has been taken care of in a way that makes them worth every penny. I have spend hundreds of hours studying how to be an excellent quality breeder.  I want to know what my vet knows and more when it comes making sure my babies are happy and healthy.  My time and effort alone is worth anything you may pay for these sweet little things. These precious little spirits are members of my family and I care for them as such.  They will never stay dirty or be in a dirty environment (not to say they don't make a complete mess when munching down on their food). I wipe down the floor of their play pen with a disinfectant at least 2-3 times a day where they sleep and play, especially while they are learning to use a potty pad/potty box.  They are groomed from the beginning.  Their nails are trimmed almost right away.  I trim the hair on their bums so they can stay clean.  I also shower them with many many hugs and kisses everyday. Both Moms, Dads and Babies are fed only the highest quality food (Which isn't cheap), I highly recommend Taste of the wild pacific stream formula. Your puppy will be used to Taste of the wild pacific stream grain free puppyfood. My adults eat 4health duck and sweetpotoatoe grain free food from Tractor supply. this is made by the same company that makes Taste of the Wild grain free food. I love these brands/manufacturers.  The Moms and Dads are either my own offspring or all purchased from reputable breeders and quality breeding practices.  They do not come cheap.  The puppies will have at least their first shots, be de-wormed, and dew claws removed  All puppies will go home with a puppy packet which includes a puppy food, toy, Blanket, & Vaccination Schedule.  If the babies are well groomed, fed top quality food and living in a clean, warm and sanitary environment with lots of toys and socialization and the parents are living in that same type of environment and only bred for the first few years of their lives, then I can guarantee to you there is no way anyone could sell their puppies for $300-$500 on a regular basis and even come close to covering even the basic expenses of an average breeding program if it is done properly and with the experience and knowledge needed.

The price of your puppy is only a small investment compared to the lifetime of love they have to offer you.....

Typical price breakdown

Estimated adult weight with color, structure & gender taken into consideration.


3-5 lbs $1500-$1800

5-7 lbs $1200-$1600

7-9 lbs $1000-$1400

Standard  $800-1200

About my sizes

 At Enchanted Mountain Shih Tzu we prefer The smaller standard (9-10 lb) and imperial sized babies (4-9 lbs). Most of my babies are now ranging in the 6-10 lb range. I do get babies in the 4-5 lb range periodically as well, I just can't guarantee I will get that size in every litter. Do to the nature of puppy growth patterns, I generally can not guess on size unil they are around 4-7 weeks old. The tiniest one born may wind up being the largest by the time they are 8 weeks old.  Even when I make my best guess, they sometimes surprise me.  I breed for overall quality, temperament and beauty. Know matter what the weight they should have good substance.  They never look like they weigh as much as they do.  I feel whether someone breeds for a perfect pet or a perfect show dog they should always be striving for perfection and breeding to improve on what you already have. Some of my babies have Champions in there 5 generation pedigree, some do not. Either way we breed for overall health, quality and looks. Keep in mind smaller lines will not have Champions solely because of the size issue, not due to quality.  There are many many people out there that has no desire to show a dog, but wants that same quality in their pet (big or small).

 I a combination of the following two methods to estimate Adult Size

Estimated adult weights are based on growth paterns and knowledge of the lines of the parents. Once they are eight weeks old I times their weight by 3 & 4 to get a more accurate range.

Method 1

Weekly weight gain average vs estimated adult weight

2 oz per week-----------------3-5 lb est adult weight

3 oz per week-----------------4-6 lb est adult weight

4 oz per week-----------------5-7 lb est adult weight

5 oz per week------------------7-9 lb est adult weight

6 oz per week-----------------8-10 lb est adult weight

7 oz per week-----------------10-14 lb est adult weight

the only problem with these estimates is the fact the puppies can have growing spurts and stop growing for a week or two, which can greatly alter the estimated weights. This usually happenst the most between 4-7 weeks of age.

Method 2

4 weeks: weight x 5 & 6 , 6 weeks: weight x 4 & 5,  8 weeks: weight x 3 & 4 ,  12 weeks: weight x by 2.25-3 ,  14 weeks: weight X by 2-2.5. 


Weight vs Size

Please remember you can not completely tell the "size" of a Shih Tzu by weight alone.  Some Shih Tzu can carry a lot of weight for their size, this is very common for a Shih Tzu.  Most of my dogs are short and stocky and carry a good amount of weight for the overall size. I like the short fat and stocky look.  You simply can not tell the size by weight alone  If you are looking for that 3-5 lb Shih Tzu please be aware of how small they actually will be.....a 3-5 lb shih tzu is very tiny and would probably not be well suited for household with small children. 

Deworming & Vaccinations

I do not believe in over vaccinating or over medicating, however I do believe that all puppies must have certain things to make sure they are happy and healthy when they come home to you.  Your puppy will get the following schedule of vaccinations, medications & deworming's prior to going home to you:

2 weeks- Nemex II (dewormer that mom and puppies get)

3-4 weeks- Baycox (Coccidia preventative and/or cure)

4 weeks- Second Dose of Nemex II

6 Weeks- 3 day coarse of Panacure (Broader Dewormer as well as giardia treatment..mostly used as a dewormer, but just in case it handles giardia as well).

7-8 weeks- Vangaurd 5 plus (first set of puppy shots.  This does not include Lepto as I feel it has too many risks vs benefits after discussing this with other breeders)

Prior to coming home I also test urine with a refractometer to unsure proper concentration/kidney function.

after the 1st year booster of their standard vaccinations I only vaccinate every 2-3 years.  They really shouldn't need vaccinations after the 1st annual booster, but if you live in a high risk area you may want to vaccinate every other year or so.  If I had a choice I wouldn't give rabies vaccinations unless you have an outside dog. small lap dogs (strictly indoors) really has no risk of rabies and I feel it is a strong vaccination.  That being said some cities require it and you have no choice, but I do wait as long as possible before giving the rabies.  I like them to be as big and as strong as and mature as possible before giving the rabies vaccination if you must give it.

obviously I am not a vet, these are my opinions only.  My only disclaimer is when in doubt ask your vet, however most vests will recommend rabies always and annual vaccinations.


 I am currently feeding my puppies Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream blend, grain free puppy food. It can be found online at petfood.com, petflow.com and amazon.com as well as others.

Food is a very under rated factor in raising you puppy/Adult dog. Food, especially for a Shih Tzu, is a very important factor. It can be the difference between a itchy, coarse haired, tear stained Shih Tzu and a beautiful soft stain free Shih Tzu.  I highly recommend grain free food for the Shih Tzu...however a lot of grain free food have very high protein.  I generally do not recommend a food with higher than 32% protein. Some dogs can handle more protein than others. However too high protein in your Shih Tzu can cause loose stools.  I have found Taste of the wild pacific stream formula and Sierra Mountain formula to contain a perfect 25% protein and is a wonderful quality product. Shih Tzu are prone to allergies which creates itchy skin and coarser hair as well as yeast overgrowth that causes ear infections and tear staining.  Grain free food will greatly help if not eliminate those issues completely. The fish formula is great for dogs with allergies as it is something that most dogs do not have a sensitivity too.

 I am now also using 4health grain free food for my adults.  It is found at tractor supply and is their proprietary brand made by the same company that makes Taste of The Wild.  I currently feed my adults the Duck and Sweet potatoe and I am really happy with this food as well.

I am now also using 4health grain free food for my adults.  It is found at tracto

Delivery of your puppy

I prefer face to face sales. I want you to be comfortable with the quality and health of your puppy. that being said, I understand sometimes that is not possible. Under certain circumstances delivery of your puppy may be required. I now will only use a puppy nanny to deliver your puppy in person or you are more than welcome to fly in and pick up your puppy and I am more than happy to meet you at the airport with your little one. If a puppy Nanny is need I will put you in touch with her/him so you can arrange a good time.  I beleive their average charge is around $400

r supply and is their proprietary brand made by the same company that makes Taste of The

Deposits, Payments and Email list

If you would like to be put on an email list, please fill out my puppy application. I will automatically put all puppy application on my email list. I prefer a first come first serve basis but I will always give my calling list first notice and not make the puppies available to others until I have priced the puppies at 4-6 weeks of age. Please let me know ASAP if you may be interested in a puppy so I can put them on a hold for your while we watch their growth prior to pricing, this insures your place in line for a puppy.  I prefer 1/2 of the purchase price or around $500 to be paid within 1 week of me pricing the puppy and you picking out your puppy (however I will take each circumstance on an individual basis and require at least $200 or more for deposit). I have my price ranges listed so you know what to expect. If you are picking up your puppy or we are delivering him/her to you and you are paying the remaining balance at that time, we only except cash or credit card for the remaining payment.  I will not leave the puppy with you unless you use cash or credit card. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS:  PayPal +3% fee,  Credit Cart +3% fee or Cash  ONLY :) I will except a personal check for a deposit only, as it should have enough time to clear the bank.

All payments must be received 2 weeks prior to shipping your puppy,  If I am meeting you in person, I only accept cash  thank you for understanding.



  Deposits are not refundable, however can be put toward a future puppy if you simply change your mind.  Please read the  puppy contract closely for details.  Please be sure you are ready to take on the commitment of a new family member/ puppy before purchasing or placing a deposits.  Puppy's are living, breathing little spirits and you must be prepared to take on the responsibility of your new baby. To raise a healthy well adjusted baby takes a lot of patience and effort and you must be prepared for that. I am always willing to take a puppy back at anytime if they do not work out in their new enviroment, but I do not offer any kind of refund.  Please be sure you are prepared to take care of a new family member.


Blood Test/Testing on Adults

I get asked periodically if I do blood tests on my adults.  I have now been breeding for about 12 years (as of 2014).  I have mixed feelings on this as far as the usefulness to you as a puppy buyer.  My brain thinks in a very logical sense, in respect to the buyer and what it actually will tell you as a buyer about the puppy you are about to purchase.  My heart and soul is committed to provide you a healthy happy puppy.  When I first started breeding I did blood testing on all of my adults and of course they all came out "normal"  findings every time (thank goodness). I did put a lot of time in researching where they came from.  What I found is this says nothing about their genetics and what kind of puppy you will get in regard to health.  I do agree that if a blood test is abnormal that the "dog" should not be bred.  I now breed mostly my own offspring or a dog I have owned and know what they produce.  That being said I do not do much blood testing any more.  My original adults I did all kinds of testing on and I still got genetic problems in the beginning regardless of blood testing my dogs or not.  Blood test DO NOT tell you what is in their genetics, and I think it is important that you as a buyer recognize this.  I have done JRD testing periodically if I am concerned about a line based on results,  I also use a refractometer on my puppies to test for urine concentration so that I am confident at the time of sale that the puppies kidneys are functioning properly I also will place any adults that I feel like has a defect in their lines that are unacceptable for breeding (however this is so hard for me because I love every dog I have, that being said I also know that there are many wonder people in this world that can and will provide an excellent home for them).  Please know I do my very best to make sure I have healthy happy puppies and adults.  I am very proactive and take care of and considering any and every issue that may arise.  Trust me when I say it is very VERY hard to lose a puppy for any reason, I do not take their health lightly.  If I choose to bring a life into this world it is my responsibility to the best of my ability to ensure they are well taken care of and healthy! 


Everything I do will only be in the best interest of my babies!



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